I believe that a fulfilling career and a balanced life are achievable. I believe that clarity and focus can enable you to make positive changes in your life. I also believe that careers, life and business can draw you into a vortex where you can get stuck. Let me guide you towards your success!

Steps Towards Your Success

  • 360 Discovery session to understand your current career, life, and business status.

  • Identify your personal values and how they align or conflict with your current status.

  • Select your top priorities and identify your actions that will enable you to achieve them.

Your Path To Success Starts Here...

What My Wonderful Clients Say

  • Coaching with Valerie works! She listened well and respectfully challenged me to think through a series of topics to determine what were truly the most important goals to set for myself. Conversation on topics let me set key areas to discuss further and also gave me the ability to eliminate topics and thoughts that were distractions to my goals. Valerie was truly interested in helping me zoom into those areas that were most impactful in setting a new course for myself.

    Client - US
  • Over the last years Val has been an invaluable resource in Sales and Marketing insights, Stakeholder management, creating power maps and coaching myself as well as team members. On one occasion I asked her to coach a non-performer, in a matter of weeks she was able to get to the bottom of it, help the person to do a 180 and become a valuable employee again, despite the fact that this was cross cultural and had to be done remotely via Skype. Val has a unique combination of rich business experience including holding strategic roles in large multinational company and at the same time has exceptional coaching skills.

    Client - Germany

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