• Includes (6) sixty minute sessions. 
  • Understand your current situation, align your values with priorities, identify your areas of conflict.
  • Create your plan and actions for priorities of change that align with values.
  • Target audience: individuals or high potential employees.

    * Pricing determined after initial free consultation.

  • Includes (6) sessions from Foundational Coaching and (6) sessions for Transformation Program.
  • Evaluate your Change Plan and actions and adjust as needed.
  • Act on your Change Plan and  execute on your solutions.
  • Target audience: individuals, high potential employees, leadership development.

    *Pricing determined after initial free consultation.

  • Assess and improve processes for Sales, Customer Relationship Management, Change Management, Leadership Development, and Employee Engagement. Evaluate potential solution platforms.

    *Scope of project will determine pricing and timeline.

  • Includes (1) sixty minute session for alumni of Coaching Works, who may need an alignment on a specific topic.


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